APRIL 2016

Healthy relationships series: COMMUNICATION

Relationships.  Life is all about relationships, Jesus taught.  Cultivating and enjoying a relationship with God and relationships with people. It’s such a simple, yet compelling way to live.  It’s just too bad that for something as important and as simple as this, our relationships with people are far from healthy or beautiful!  Rather, they are sickly, dysfunctional and teetering on the edge of yet another explosion of drama.  Sitting in church, reading the Bible, or listening to sermons has not helped us in the way of loving others any better! 

Why is this so?

Introducing to you the The 3 C’s of a True Community.  Any healthy relationship or community stands on the three legs of commitment, communication, and conflict management.  If we lack any of these three components, it is only a matter of time before our relationship will capsize and self-destruct!  Without the 3 C’s firmly in place, our marriages are bound to fail, our friendships won’t last, and our church communities will suffer.  Conversely, the one who knows how to commit, communicate, and resolve conflicts well is the one who loves well.  He or she will experience the kind of flourishing in their relationships that Jesus often spoke of but is seldom the reality for the majority of us, Christian or not.

No amount of churchgoing or religious activities necessarily makes us better at committing, communicating, or resolving conflicts.  We need to be trained in Jesus’ ways in order to experience the peace and richness of relationships that Jesus promised!  

Become a better friend, a better spouse, a better leader and follower, a better liver of the one life that God has given you by learning from the Master the art of loving communication.

Because in order to love well, we must communicate well.

Join us for this 4-week course in the Healthy Relationships series, starting April 9th!

WHEN: 9AM - 12PM  on 4 Saturdays, 04/09, 04/16, 04/23, & 04/30
WHERE: Location TBA
TUITION: $50 for complete course; 50% off if you bring a friend!
ADDT'L INFO: Credit/Audit options available