In January 2011, Bryan Staab planted a church in Seattle, WA.  What was supposed to be nothing more than just a weekly Bible study around his dining room table with 4 men turned into 70 people crammed into his house each Wednesday night with overflow seating on staircases and the kitchen counter!

This fellowship of young 20 and 30-somethings soon became a church, calling itself The Missional Community Church. True to its name, the church made it its mission to love and serve their homeless and disenfranchised neighbors. Over 30 people were baptized in its first year and the church continued to drive full steam ahead.

It was an exciting time of growth and the future seemed bright for the young church, except that the missional movement on which it was fueled sputtered out of energy when it was not undergirded by discipleship. Recognizing that he had established an overgrown church on the foundation of mission rather than on discipleship, Pastor Bryan prayerfully and painfully made the difficult step of obedience to start again from the foundation. For the next 3 years, he would learn the art of discipleship and plant Adullam Church in 2015 with a refined and renewed vision.

Pastor Bryan is unapologetically an extreme homebody, except for workouts at the gym.  

Making teams of disciples who will make a Kingdom impact in their city is his greatest passion. 


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