Our Story


When David fled from Saul, he escaped to the cave of Adullam.


It was there that everyone who was in distress, in debt, and discontented in soul gathered to him to form a miniature kingdom of about 400 men, of whom David became captain. From out of these arose the legendary team, the Mighty Men, who performed heroic feats of bravery and valor alongside their king in the fiercest of battles.  



But this was only a foreshadowing of a king who would come much greater than David. 




Centuries later, King Jesus appeared in Galilee and gathered to himself...

...twelve ordinary, distressed, indebted, and discontented souls and trained them to become a mighty team and sent them on the most epic and urgent mission of the Kingdom: to release spiritual prisoners with the Gospel and to make them mighty by making disciples of them.  


Adullam is a story of rebels becoming warriors and ordinary individuals being transformed into mighty teams to impact their world for their King.  


We are modern-day Adullamites,
modern-day disciples of Jesus.