We believe that one of the most magnificent pictures of what the church is supposed to be is embodied in the original Twelve disciples of Jesus. They lived together for an intentional and intensive period of Kingdom lifestyle training. They grew together, were discipled together, were on mission together, sought the poor and needy together, challenged one another, shared meals with one another, and were ultimately sent by Jesus as a team to make more teams and communities of disciples… together. How beautiful is that?! 

Like our own Master who has set a clear precedent for us, with Adullam, our mission is to reproduce teams of disciples who will do exactly as described above. We de-emphasize the Sunday church service. Instead, we emphasize teams who gather around God's Word, prayer, and life-changing conversations and experiences throughout the week. 



We are a church plant in the Seattle Metro area with a vision to inundate every neighborhood and city in the greater Seattle Metro with teams of disciples devoted to God and to one another.

We gather as a Village on Sundays at 1PM for fellowship and discussion-based teaching. 

Our Village creates community throughout the week at a more intimate level through Hoods and Subhoods (sisterhood / brotherhood / neighborhood). Hoods and Subhoods are a place to practically grow in our devotion to God and to promoting one another's spiritual growth.

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